Come and enjoy!


Krouvi’s escargot pan

Escargot served with Krouvi’s classic garlic Aura-cheese sauce and Krouvi’s own bread.

11,50 €


A toasted house garlic bread served with tomato basil salsa and leafy greens

11,50 €

Gravlax tartar

A cured salmon tartar served with Krouvi’s rustic bread served with a mild mustard sauce and oven dried tomatoes

12,50 €

Artichoke soup

A velvety Jerusalem artichoke soup served with tomato-tapenade bread

11,50 €

Mathilda’s beet and goat cheese salad

A beet roots marinated in balsamic vinegar with goat cheese and honey served with house bread

11,50 €

Note! We bake in our kitchen and cannot guarantee that our foods are 100% gluten free due to flour dust. Tell us when you order about any potential special dietary restrictions and allergies.